Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Painting Paper for Paper Paintings

Try Saying THAT Five Times Fast
Here are some papers I have been staining and painting with inks and acrylics for future collages. I have been emailing back and forth with Jo Reimer and she has been very generous with her time, tutoring me through her process for painting papers. Jo and I traded papers, she answered my "Calling All Collage Artists" call for paper swap -- she sent me some of the most beautiful papers I have in my collection to date! I have been using her papers and incorporating them into some of my most recent work, including Life's Lemons.

Here are some of the first few papers I have created so far, I really like the blending of the green to yellow and the vibrant orange. You never know what results you will get!


  1. oh how wonderful...you are so inspiring and I am so glad to have met you!! I will work on some papers too...

  2. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! I have been wondering about papers you stamp. Do you use stamps you purchase or make your own or???? Thanks again!


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